Could You (Still) Pass A State Issued Written Motorcycle Test?

I often get questions from non riders who make statements like, “I want to do what you do!” Obviously the first thing is getting a motorcycle and a license.

If you have a bike already then you might be practicing your riding skills in closed areas until your local DMV reopens due to pandemic shut downs, but the other part of your license besides passing the riding test is the written test. Every state has multiple different ones and here is a site that has them all to test yourself for free…

or maybe you are moving and need to retest?

If you moved from state to state and a new state-required you to retest do you think you could pass that written test with flying colors? We could all pass the riding part, right? Right!

Do you think your state has made any changes to the questions they asked you a few years or a few decades ago and you just want to see if you could do pass now?

Maybe you are moving to America and need to get a license?

If any of the above made you wonder, and you are an inquisitive sort then you need to run over to a site called DMV Written Test it is a website that’s been around for 6 or 7 years where you can take that written test again, no fee, no registration, just the test.

They do have an option for very detailed cheat sheets to be bought for a nominal fee, and included with them is an explanation of each answer if you wanted to ace the test.

With the pandemic and how things are right now the idea of having to be in a DMV office for longer than necessary is not the best of thoughts. It would be nice to go in there with full knowledge of the questions, all of them, not just from how you tested yourself with the handbook, and not knowing if you fully understood what was being explained.

…not only are motorcycle written tests are available, but there is also one for car written tests and CDL licenses so if you have kids that are getting close to driving age or you are considering adding a CDL to your license, jump on DMV Written Test and save it your bookmarks for future reference.

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