I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was eight years old. Growing up in a small town with a lot of motorcycle traffic going to the local race track every weekend, it was probably inevitable that I’d become a motorcyclist!

Heading off to college to study photography added a new love that would stay with me, and since getting my degree, my photography has been featured by –

  • National Geographic
  • BBC Travel
  • Easyriders Magazine
  • V Twin
  • Hot Bike
  • Street Chopper
  • Back Street Heroes (UK)
  • 100% Biker (UK)
  • Freeway (France)
  • MCN (UK)
  • Barnetts
  • American Motorcycle Dealer
  • Outlaw Biker Magazine
  • Chopper Magazine (Australia)
  • Custom Bike (Hungary)
  • Xtreme Bikes (Spain)
  • Up Shift Online
  • Adventure Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle Explorer Magazine
  • ADV Pulse
  • Women ADV Riders Magazine
  • Traction E-Rag
  • Upshift
  • Adventure Bike Rider
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • 15 Min (Lithuania)
  • Tyto Alba Publishing (Lithuania)
  • Moteris (Lithuania)
  • Keturi Ratai (Lithuania)

By 1993, I was rarely working forty hours per week, most were closer to one hundred and money was rolling in, but the motorcycle itch needed to be scratched. Doing contract work with a lot of free time, I started to design and build one-off custom motorcycles. Initially, they were meant for me, and eventually, for others. The custom bike business took off faster than I could imagine, and within a few years, I was building around a hundred one-off custom bikes a year. I later wrote a book about this: The Custom Motorcycles of Dynamic Choppers. Photos of some of my bikes are HERE.

In late 2007, in a freak motorcycle accident, I was hit from behind and my right leg and ankle were horrifically shattered into over 50 pieces. Rehabilitation took around a year, and regaining the ability to walk was a very slow process. At the same time, my business was in the middle of a takeover bid from a buyer; as if in a bad horror movie, it turned out to be a case of stolen identity and ended up in court.

Following the accident, the closing of the business, my father dying of cancer, a marriage in tatters and personal wealth rapidly disappearing, I had a stress-related stroke at age 42 and went blind.

Luckily, it was temporary, and I eventually regained my eyesight.

It gave me a new lease on life.

In a fluke conversation with a friend, she made a comment: “what you need is to go on a long motorcycle ride to clear your head!” She had no idea what impact that statement would have on me. I’m sure she was thinking of an afternoon out or something along those lines. To me, it was an inspirational statement and what I think I needed to hear.

A few weeks later I left on that ride. It was March 18th, 2011.

I am still on the road.

This website is about that ride…

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