Yamaha WR250R

I bought this 2008 WR250R online with the sole intention of riding the TAT on it and then selling it once I was done.

It was very well set up; 4.2-gallon tank, wolfman racks


Seat concepts seat, Pro Moto Billet rear rackwr250r-7-25-6312-xl

Full FMF exhaust systemwr250r-7-25-6289-xlwr250r-7-25-6286-xl

FMF power programmer


Rotor guardwr250r-7-25-6287-xl

Fork bleederswr250r-7-25-6283-xl

Scotts Steering stabilizer, HDB bar mount


HDB integrated mirrors into handlebar protectionwr250r-7-25-6259-xl

Front rotor protection


Case protection



I brought a new throttle and clutch cable with me and mounted them in place…good job as the clutch cable snapped on the last day!!!


The PO and I nicely lubed the whole bike before I set off

"                               ""                               ""                               ""                               ""                               "


I sold the bike 2 days after I got home, so basically a free bike to do the TAT on…excellent bike and now I have sellers remorse!


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