Partners.  Companies that stand by me and provide me with the best equipment a RTW rider could ever want: click on the logo to go to the company website below.

I do not share the mindset of trying to get as many sponsors as you can and telling people that every single product is amazing because that is simply a statistical impossibility. Some products are better than others – that’s just life.

There are a few (well known) riders out there with 30 – 50+ overlapping sponsors on their pages, and they give glowing reviews of everything they test insisting the products are always perfect. Excuse me, but I call bullshit. If every single product you test is always so great, that sounds a lot less like honest, objective reviews and a lot more like selling out for free gear (and/or cash). And in the end, it doesn’t help anybody: not the company, who would perhaps fix the issues if they were informed, not the rider, who ends up with failed gear, and certainly not the people to whom the product is being recommended as “amazing”.

I have tried, tested, used and abused a great deal of gear over the years and I only use companies that make top-notch gear. I am on the road permanently so gear gets tested very thoroughly – not just for a few miles or a weekend, but years of heavy, daily use on all terrain in all weather.

If you think your product can withstand real-world testing,  please contact me; if you are just looking for a glowing review regardless of how the product fares, I’m not interested.

I am only recommending top-notch gear that works and if there is ever an issue, the manufacturers stand behind their product a 100%.

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