America, land of the free home of the brave – or is it…a few closing thoughts on Greece

Day #377 on the road…
We have a few miles left to ride in Greece to a ferry to leave the country.
In 3 1/2 months we rode approx 4000 miles/ 6400km all over the country and still have a little to go…
Greece is about the same size as Alabama!
There are a few things NOT so good about the country if you were to compare it to the US according to one site I stumbled upon…
  • be 3.8 times more likely to be unemployed
  • make 55.3% less money
  • have 12.22% less free time

but there are a lot more positives :-)

  • be 82.81% less likely to be in prison
  • spend 77.02% less money on health care
  • use 57.05% less electricity
  • consume 46.02% less oil
  • be 63.16% less likely to be murdered
  • experience 23.78% less of a class divide
  • be 22.53% less likely to die in infancy
  • be 83.33% less likely to have HIV/AIDS
  • live 0.74 years longer
  • have 34.43% fewer babies


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  1. Haha, funny statistics but… they seem real!


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