My bike rattles itself apart! What can I do?

Motorcycles vibrate. It’s the nature of the beast, and with vibration come all kinds of issues. Maybe you have that one particular nut or bolt that just won’t stay tight, regardless of what you try – be it…

  • Loctite
  • washer
  • lock washer
  • serrated washer
  • lock nut
  • double nut
  • nylon insert nut
  • spring washer
  • safety wire
  • tab washers
  • or the correct torque spec.

One of the main problems on a motorcycle is none of us check our bikes often enough, and to be honest that fastener might not be easy to see, reach, touch, check or adjust. It is a rare occasion that a fastener will come loose and cause a major issue, but everyone has read about an instance that their model of motorcycle had a failure due to a bolt coming out somewhere. And if you read about another non-related bike, but again the same model and the same issue arises, do you double-check yours?

One thing every failure seems to have in common is it never appears to happen at a good time or in a great location where a fix is readily available.

On one of my bikes, there is a bolt holding the subframe to the main frame. It goes into a threaded hole and is tightened down. Logic says to add a little Loctite and it’s good. Well, it isn’t, and there are multiple instances of failure and that bolt going missing. One solution is to use a longer bolt, Loctite and then add a nylon inserted nut on the other side. This all but eliminates the problem. This is on a KTM; it vibrates and even though this nut/ bolt combination now has three forms of fixing – threaded and tightened with specific torque/ Loctite/ nylon insert nut – it can still fail.

It’s not just the KTM, though. Every bike seems to have one of those issues.

So if you are headed out on the road for a long period, say a RTW or Alaska to Ushuaia or Nordkapp to Capetown or across Russia to the Road of Bones and want to not have to worry about anything coming loose or have to carry a lot of extra hardware for ‘just in case ‘scenarios, I may have found another solution. It’s one not used on motorcycles, but the question is why not?

I will point out I am not being paid for this information, not sponsored in any way or affiliated with the company. It is just an exceptional product that a lot of companies I know of have used and since implementation had zero failures. This product is available on Amazon along with a lot of other outlets.

As a former motorcycle shop owner, motorcycle builder, mechanic, manual lathe, CNC machine operator and welder I find this another very good option for your Adventure Motorcycle arsenal of knowledge.

Watch the attached video and form your own opinion








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