Do You Read Adventure Motorcycling Books? The Definitive List…

There are loads, literally loads of books written by adventure motorcycle riders, I have tried to compile the definitive list.

**(Please send me a message if you have a book you’d like me to add)

As Christmas is coming maybe your significant other might like to sit down and have a good hefty book in their hands and dream of far off locations.

For the minimalists amongst us there are Kindle versions of some of them available .

I’ll start with the most well known and work down from there in no specific order

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Across America by Motor-Cycle: Fully Annotated Centennial Edition by [Mark L Hunnibell, C.K. Shepherd]

The Long Journey Home – Robert Fulton

The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing: Long-Distance Motorcycling's Endless Road
Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers
Home By Seven: One woman's solo journey to ride all seven continents on two wheels
Old Men Can't Wait by Simon Gandolfi
From Estonia With Love
The Hunt For Puerto del Faglioli by Paddy Tyson
Distant Suns by Sam Manicom
Tortillas to Totems by Sam Manicom
The Long Ride Home
The Amazing Adventures of Dorothy by Nathan Millward
Bearback - The World Overland
Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World - 9 to 5 Voyager
Long Way Down - Wikipedia

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