Peru Offroad – Part 4

After the lake the sun dropped and the temperature dropped quicker, the track became worse or maybe it was my imagination, the headlight was making the track look like it was lined with basketball size rocks with the huge shadows it created.

Ecuador Offroad – Part 2

Riding a remote desolate dirt track somewhere around the Chimborazo volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes, Paul and I were talking how remote it felt. The track ran along the endless green highland grasslands and hills, zigzagging around jagged peaks and crossing small valleys. It felt like we were the only humans on Earth: the howling winds ruffled the grass, and there was no sight of any human activity – no houses in the distance, not even a pasture fence.

Suddenly, turning a corner, we saw a tiny figure walking down the dirt road. As we rolled towards the little silhouette, we realized it was a small girl wearing a traditional Andean costume. She held a tatty rope in her hands.

Time to leave Mexico and head to Cuba…

Before moving on to all the Cuba stuff, sorry, it will be next month as uploads to SmugMug here aren’t happening easily even with newly found wifi, so I’ll finish Mexico… Leaving Mexico as the sunsets, not really sure when we’ll see it again so I took a quick snap of our final Mexican sunsetContinue reading “Time to leave Mexico and head to Cuba…”