Picking The Perfect Adventure Motorcycle…For You!

The perfect adventure motorcycle, is there such a thing? No, because everybody is different and one size does not fit all.

Every page/ group/ forum will have an opinion, sometimes a strong opinion, be it a brand, model, weight, cc, age, cylinders, price, new, used, etc.

What they don’t know when they are giving you their opinion is the full details about you, only you know this. You know where you would like to ride, for how many hours a day, on the road or off the road, how fast you’d like to go, etc.

If you have a motorcycle in your garage, you most likely picked it because you like it and no matter what it is, IT CAN ride RTW if you wanted it to.

Riders have ridden to every corner of this planet on Goldwings, scooters, dirt bikes, vintage bikes, Harleys, big adventure motorcycles, little adventure motorcycles, the world is very easy to ride nowadays.

If you asked me to suggest an adventure motorcycle for you and I would go through the same thought process for everybody, woman, man, experienced or inexperienced to point you in the right direction

My simple criteria would be the following, for a long-range adventure motorcycle –

  • have at least a 250 mile/ 400km range
  • good ergonomics that fit your body or can be adjusted to
  • a weight that you can pick up multiple times a day when fully loaded…you will go down (fact) and you might be alone

The rest is up to you  – brand, model, weight, cc, age, cylinders, price

The one thing I can tell you about me, my bike/s is I choose an adventure motorcycle to suit where I’ll ride, so if I am changing how or where I’ll ride then I change the adventure motorcycle to suit. For me, I have used 250cc bikes to 1200cc bikes, but that’s just me.

One thing you should know is the adventure motorcycle you choose should make your ride enjoyable not a hardship.

To see what adventure motorcycles I’ve used and how I set them up, click this link to and then click ‘bikes’

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