What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure is defined by Merriam Webster as “an exciting or remarkable experience”. Well, we make it more exciting by riding a motorcycle … right?

Different riders have a different perspective of what an adventure is. For you, it might be a day out riding a single track trail the first time, for someone else adventure might not happen until they cross another country’s border.

It is unique, it is unique to you, a new experience that you have never seen, felt, tasted etc. so don’t let others belittle your adventure.

One of the reasons I originally joined ADVrider was to share my unique adventure travel (to me) with others so if they found it interesting it was documented and researchable and there for when and if they wanted to copy all or part of it to also make it a unique adventure for them. Seven years later, I am still doing it, I like to pay it forward!

Sadly what adventure travel isn’t these days is going somewhere totally unique, virtually anywhere you can think of someone has ridden before you. I was thinking about this today: where could I ride in a unique way to call it an adventure? The only thing I could come up with was North Korea, or Greenland off-road.

Why off-road: well, I actually know a few people (non-North Koreans) who have ridden there on the pavement.

Now enlighten me: where could I take my motorcycle on this planet and write about it because you’ve never heard anyone riding there before?

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