KTM 500exc Tools and Spares For RTW Riding

Tools and Spares, What do I Carry?

The video below details all the tools and spares I carry and here is an itemized list of everything shown in the video in the order shown.

All the goodies, in one place, on AMAZON, bookmark this so it’s easy to find

Please keep in mind I am consistently riding so what I carry might not be what you would carry if you were just headed out for a week or so. If you change out your consumables to new parts you can reduce this load by a significant amount.

Motion Pro Bead Breakers

Motion Pro Axle wrench

Motion Pro Titanium Wrenches

7mm spoke wrench

Motion Pro 14mm Spark plug socket

Sockets 8mm – 17mm

1/4 extension

1/4 to 3/8 adaptor

1/4 mini cycling ratchet/ T handle

Allen Wrenches

Motion Pro chain tool

Leatherman Crunch

Knipex 5″ grips

Extending magnet

1″ Gorilla duct tape

Motion Pro Nitro tape for hoses

Tire Changing mat

Cable fix kit

Safety wire

Torx bits

Valve core puller tool

Motion Pro bead buddy mini tool


Motion Pro Valve core remover

Leatherman (type) Squirt ES4

Posi Locks

Wire connectors



Lezyne handpump

Air Gauge

Mini Airpump12 volt

Puncture Repair kit

Voltmeter XB866

Fuel Pump CCW

Dirt Trucks sprocket and washer


Steel weld

JB Weld quick weld

Clutch Discs

Micrometer for shims

Clutch cover gasket

Valve Shims

Feeler gauge

Brake Pads

Wheel Bearings

Extra levers

Fork Seal Cleaner

Fuel injector

Oil Filters

Stainless Oil Filter

Filter Skins

Spark Plug

Axle nut

Clutch Rubbers

Cable Ties, the good ones

Bike Cover

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