Honda CT125, Postie Bike, Packing for 48 States

Everything listed and linked below is what I carried to ride for 57 days and 12,000 miles around the contiguous 48 states, this was the route…

On this…

This is the gear I used, obviously, it could be substituted with stuff you already own, but the list fits inside my luggage, and as the trip was done on a minimal budget most of what’s listed is VERY cheap to buy.

The ride took place in late August, September and October temperate ranged from 108f (42c) to 28 f (-2c)

You can see everything listed below in the video at the bottom of this article and how it fits in the Happy Trails top box

Mosko Tank bag
Cliff bars
USB Anker charger
Sony a6300 and lens
Safety sunglasses
Anker battery charger
GoPro 9batteries and charger
Ram mount
Garmin ZumoXT
Walmart farmer johns, insulated bobs, cheaper on Amazon
Voile straps
Bike cover
Mosko Rak jacket
Ipad minicarry bag
Sleeping bag, 30 degree
Nemo pad
Inner sleeping bag liner
Toiletries, including a beard trimmer I can charge on the bike via USB
Puffy jacket
Cooking stove
Clothes in a compression bag, including waterproof socks
Goretex over pants – similar to these
Inner tube HD
SD cards mini SD card holder
Folding Saw
Washing line
Water bottle
DJI Mini 2 Drone
Waterproof gloves
Green Chile straps
Poop trowel
Velcro straps
Water bladder
Waterproof bag small
Wet wipes
Fishing lead
Tent – similar to this

3 thoughts on “Honda CT125, Postie Bike, Packing for 48 States

  1. This is fabulous! What a great idea and follow through. True minimalist moto touring on a budget! I want a CT125 for retirement bike!


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