What are your essential travel items, besides the obvious?

Packing is an art, but do you ever wonder what other riders ‘must have’ with them to make their trip comfortable?

What is your (un)obvious packed item?

Somethings may seem so obvious but you just forget them in the rush to get on the road, or not so obvious you might not think about them or think they are necessary until you are on the road when it might be too late to get what you need at a good price or availability.

So here’s a list I’ve compiled from talking to real riders who are ‘out there’. What may seem like a funny thing to carry to you, might be an essential item for another rider

As you travel RTW you meet an amazing array of riders who have their own way of doing it, and it’s always an interesting question to ask – besides the obvious, motorcycle, riding gear/ clothes, and basic tools for your bike – what are your other essentials you ‘must bring’?

If this question is asked to an American audience, a gun is an answer a lot as one of the items, the problem with carrying a gun is it’s not really that viable to even cross some state lines (due to various licensing laws) and definitely not borders. So, a gun, in essence, could be the biggest reducer of extended overland travel, besides lack of cash, so it’s not on the list.

The common thread here is ‘most’ of the items people feel are essential besides their main gear are less than $30, so are you missing something cheap that could make your life – safe, fun, secure, warm, riding, happy, not lost, clean or well

Below are links to some of the items so you can have a look if you are not familiar

if you really struggle with languages or are moving country to country a lot –

…and if you find nothing on that list consider this – I asked a rider a few years back, he told me he always packs a bacon sandwich as a stress reducer!

Once you’ve had a laugh and scratched your head at others and what they pack. The next fun question if you’re riding internationally or meet a group of international riders to lighten the mood and have a laugh is asking:

What noise does a (insert animal name) make…

For example: in English a dog goes – woof, woof, but in Lithuanian, it goes au, au


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