Time to leave Mexico and head to Cuba…

Before moving on to all the Cuba stuff, sorry, it will be next month as uploads to SmugMug here aren’t happening easily even with newly found wifi, so I’ll finish Mexico…

Leaving Mexico as the sunsets, not really sure when we’ll see it again so I took a quick snap of our final Mexican sunset from Isla Mujeres with the sun setting over the Yucatan


Since we’ve been in Mexico this time we rode 12,357km from tip to tip concentrating this time on the spine of Mexico meeting lots of amazingly friendly people and seeing incredible things on a daily basis.

Huge thanks to everyone we met and helped us out and who hosted us along the way


This time in Mexico was my 106th time crossing into the country, years ago I used to go there for work, sometimes twice a week, I’ve entered on foot, car, plane, bus, boat taxi and of course motorcycle.

I had a look at what I could find on gpx files (some extend a little to the US and GTA, big files) and I only have the last four visits and the files aren’t complete but to give you an idea I have seen a lot of the country in the those four visits, so imagine what this map would look like if I had the other 102 on there!

The map below is around 33,000km


We made a video for Egle’s dad who may never have the opportunity to go sailing like this, and for you guys who have that question…” what’s it really like on the Stahlratte?”



In the meantime here’s a short video of what to expect from Cuba…

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