All The Details About My 500exc On YouTube

Ultimate Off-Road Adventure Bike – rtwPaul’s Heavily Modded KTM 500 EXC – Six Days / World-Ready

all riders have an opinion on what their perfect bike is for RTW travel, choose what makes you want to ride it every day, if stock doesn’t do it for you, modify!

3 thoughts on “All The Details About My 500exc On YouTube

  1. Imagine my surprise when your bike popped up not once but 3 times in my Youtube feed.

    I’ve been following you mildly for about 3 years now, originally to help bring my LC4 to spec, and of course to live vicariously through your travels. (Thank you for the Deutch connector tip. Probably the one thing that took away my fear of messing with the wiring, because there’s no finality to the wiring designs I come up with.)

    Anyway, THIS bike.

    A great build that on its face is such a simple modification of a bike that to me is the natural successor to the 640 Adventure, (an awesome bike that has still not been replaced by KTM). It has the same power, weighs 2/3 as much, and has at least foot of travel both ends.

    Blogs like yours, and more specifically their continuity over the years are one of the last remaining good things about the internet, and I’m glad to be able to learn, and pass on the wisdom of people like you who lead the way.

    Like Austin Vince, Ewan McGreggor, Egle Gerulaityte and Lyndon Poskitt, to me you are an inspiration to just get out there and fucking do it, whatever that might be.

    Thank you.


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