KTM 500exc Packing List

Pack what makes you feel comfortable, take as much or as little as YOU need, after 9 years and 400,000kms this is what gear I use

Here is the packing list for the items shown in the MOTOTREK YouTube video and clickable links to where everything can be bought

This is not necessarily an economical setup but quality items that are made to last and some I have been using for years and still going strong

My luggage is Mosko Moto Reckless 80, Version 3 due to released very soon. The tank bag is the Mosko Hood

The total weight for all the packed gear is 40.6 lbs/ 18.4kg. and it totals around 60 liters. I do carry a selection of electronics as well and this makes the difference of having to use the R80 vs the R40.


If a cell phone is all the electronics you need, then I have another packing list for the R40 that might suit you more, that article is here

What I carry is for any country in the world, 4 season riding, camping, cooking, but obviously, I look to be in warmer climates as much as I possibly can be. If I forget something or need something I buy it on the road I try to cover all bases to a minimum but at the same time not overload.

My luggage has a lot of empty space, around 20 liters or so, I leave this space in my bags to have somewhere to add food if required, I prefer to buy from local people to help the economy I am riding through and have food as fresh as possible

****and yes I am a Klim Sponsored rider, but I was a customer first



Clothes for Cold Weather

Clothes for warm weather



Bike related

The bags I use to pack stuff in are

My Riding Gear

7 thoughts on “KTM 500exc Packing List

  1. Great list, good inspiration. Anyway, the link to the lightweight shoes just sends me to an Amazon log in page. It’s the only one that doesn’t work 🙂


  2. Thank you! Your list was extremely helpful. I’m preparing for a 5 year rtw trip on a 701 and have been indecisive on a number of items, but with your list, I was finely able to make some decisions. I bought the Pelican computer case, the clothes line, can opener, and the Platypus collapsable bottle.However, afterward I discovered the Platypus DuoLock SoftBottle Collapsible Water Bottle which has a small carabiner that might be useful. I also decided to go with the R80 instead of hard cases (waiting for the v3). Finally, and the biggest, for a while I’ve been debating to scale down my giant, hot, and heavy adventure jacket (Klim Adv Rally) and go with a layered system instead. I bought the Forcefield EX K Flite armor and the Basilisk jacket. I think this combo will be cooler, more comfortable, more maneuverable, and I’ll be able to wear the Basilisk off the bike (without the armor) and not look like a crazy person. Lastly, you didn’t mention anything about how you handle all your documents (insurance, title, registration, carnet, etc). For that, I bought a waterproof document holder by ENGPOW. Thanks again for all the help.


    1. The video is a small look at what I carry, not in very specific detail, as was obvious from the numerous comments “that I don’t have any food”, and my repeated response that I have around 20 liters of empty space for that…people are funny they want to be spoon-fed EVERY SINGLE DETAIL or it’s not real.

      You will be very happy with the R80 v3, and the Basilisk jacket, I have about 7000 miles on mine already,the majority of the time it is attached to the top of my r80 with two Voile straps because I look predominantly warm weather.

      I will start doing some videos on my own channel and will cover in more detail things like docs, tools, carrying food, sponsorship, security (and anything else people want to know about)…that sort of thing, I was just a guest on the MOTOTREK channel, I’m not their new presenter, my channel is for that stuff


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