RTW packing in 40 liters, and less than 40lbs…challenge accepted

Packing is a very individual thing and each person will differ greatly, but for those of you who like to read pack lists and are trying to reduce your pack size/ weight, this might be the post for you

This is the gear that works for me, it may not work for you but it should give you an idea of what’s possible, in a very small pack size for extended travel over a period of months if not years

You could easily ride RTW with just a toothbrush and credit card and laugh at this post and call it gross over packing, or you may be packing in two big aluminum panniers a top box or a huge duffle or both and a big tank bag over and above that.

This pack list is good for 3 1/2 seasons, as an RTW the objective is to ride in eternal spring summer or fall, and occasionally get caught out…that’s where the other half is missing to make it a complete 4 season.

I would call this the non-electronic pack, I would love this to be my everyday RTW pack but for me I need certain electronic for photo shoots so take that into consideration. This packing set up works for me when I don’t have any assignments or riding things like BDR’s, CDR, TAT, TCAT etc.

****I will do another pack list that includes electronics and a different selection of gear later as another post

So what does 40 in 40 look like…small, not minute, but small!

packing in less than 40

I personally wear motocross gear nowadays when I ride, so my waterproof gear is part of my luggage size/ weight. If you wear that gear you have saved yourself around 5 liters of space.

I personally don’t wear cheap gear, it simply doesn’t last and ends up being more expensive in the long run, because it constantly needs replacing, so it rarely works out as a better deal


In the above photo, I’m wearing

Yes, I am a Klim sponsored rider, but prior to being in that position I would still buy Klim, for me, the quality, fit and finish of the product far exceeds its competitors that I had tried in the past.

Whats it all packed in?

A Mosko Moto Reckless 40, I use Mosko for there durability and I prefer how the system packs and unpacks and is easy to get everything off the bike in one go but still leave the harness in place.

Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 40L System (V2.0)

Other Options you could use as similar size luggage are the Giant Loop Coyote or the Wolfman Beta Plus Rear Bag.

What’s in there?

packing in less than 40 numbered


  1. Mosko Moto Reckless 40
  2. Mosko Moto Stinger 8, this is my clothes, toiletries, and a little space for food
  3. Klim Goretex Jacket, I swap between two options, Powerxross (slightly smaller pack size) and Traverse
  4. Big Agnes Dome Peak Pullover Jacket
  5. Klim Forecast Goretex Over Pants
  6. Big Agnes Copper Spur Bikepacking Tent
  7. MSR Multi Fuel Whisperlite Stove
  8. MSR Fuel Bottle
  9. Cooking – Sea to Summit X Pot, Sea to Summit, 8″ Fry Pan, MSR Alpine PlateHuman Gear Duo
  10. Big Agnes AXL Pillow
  11. Inner Sleeping Bag
  12. Padlock
  13. Voile Straps
  14. Big Agnes Anvil Horn 15 degree Sleeping Bag, I am about to try out the Big Agnes Kings Canyon UL Quilt which will save me around 3-5 liters of space but only be good for warmer weather
  15. Big Agnes Axl Air Insulated Sleeping Pad
  16. Tools – * Will do a separate post on what I carry
  17. More Small Tools
  18. Tow Rope
  19. Hand Pump
  20. Fender Bag with Inner Tubes
  21. Sea to Summit Towel
  22. First Aid Kit
  23. **Not shown, if you are using your phone as your camera/ computer/ reading tablet etc. but sometimes need a keyboard you might want to consider this keyboard
  24. **Not shown Sandisk SSD 500gb back up hard drive, is tiny

The gear I pack has a small pack size, good quality and long lasting.

What was the final weigh for gear and luggage combined, and what does it look like packed on the bike? 39.6lbs



As mentioned earlier if you packed exactly the same but preferred to wear the jacket/ pants – deduct 4lbs +/-

Swapping sleeping bags to the Kings Canyon UL Quilt would save you another 2lbs

Now you would be at 34lbs +/- and approximately 35 liters +/-


Any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll get you n answer








4 thoughts on “RTW packing in 40 liters, and less than 40lbs…challenge accepted

  1. Great post. I am looking forward to your tool list and what you carry. As an armchair RTW advrider and only getting away for a few weeks here and there, I keep overpacking and dropping things from my kit after each trip. Someday I will get to barebones and maybe ride around the world! I would like to see a post about your photography equipment. I saw the one on advrider about your tripods but a bit more on your kit (camera, filters, etc.). I am looking at moving on up from a small Sony point and shoot to either a G9 (4/3 and packs smaller), XT-3 (APSC and bit larger and quality) or go FF with a S1/S1R (FF heavy and large).You also left out your electronics in this packing (iPad, computer, etc.)


  2. Awesome!! Great information Paul. Curious, is the load pictured on the bike devoid of any clothes? Also is the pic of the bike with the load described? Where/how do you pack that cook kit as it looks pretty wide? Thanks in advance.


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